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Shirine Freeman

Empower, Evolve!

In my early years I was always fascinated when engaged in conversations about relationships, finances, spiritual growth and overcoming life’s challenges. My attention was captured by the intricacies and dimensions of the human mindset and how we internalize and process external forces. I always wanted to be the one to help solve people’s problems no matter what it was. Little did I know my attitude of always wanting to help people and “set them right” as I was told several times was actually a pull towards my purpose and destiny. It was actually my desire to see them be “set free.” The desire to see others win gives me a sense of accomplishment and joy. I’ve been coaching long before I knew I was a coach but later understood destiny and purpose were pulling on me.

I’ve been working within the banking industry for over ten years. In addition to helping people with their financial needs, I also oversee operations. I ensure everyone has what they need to function effectively without the company experiencing a loss. That’s what drives my desire to see you win personally, professionally, spiritually, financially and in your relationships. I once lived in deficit but with the right techniques and resources I regained my power and received lasting results.

I am passionate about helping women identify, overcome and achieve all they were meant to. Because of my background in Psychology, over ten years in the banking industry, a Board Certified Credit Consultant, a spiritual guide for youths at my church, my own experiences and a Certified Life Coach; Freeman Transformation Academy, LLC was born. I'm here to help you renew your mind so your life can be transformed. Be empowered so you can evolve!

Our mission 

To provide women with the tools and resources needed to uncover a life of wealth and authenticity through books, courses and events.