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Woman to Woman

After I finished writing my book, She wears her crown, I was ready to begin my next assignment from God. So, I asked him, “What’s next for us Lord?” I distinctively heard, “Rest.” For a minute I was like, “I like this.” However, I started feeling uncomfortable because I wasn’t accustomed to doing nothing that requires my entire body to not be in motion all at the same time. The first three to four days I was doing great, then I became like a fish out of water. I was restless. I felt agitation and out of place. I almost felt useless because in my mind, I wasn’t being productive. Queen, how often do you feel this sense of guilt because you’re not doing for other? In others I mean family, job, or your business. There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile or giving the best of you to those whom you are connected. I encourage you to give 100% in whatever you put your hands to do. You be the above and beyond in your business. The question however is, how often do you feed your mind, body, soul and spirit this very same plate of commitment and compassion? Rest has never been a curse word. There is a difference between being unproductive, and taking a break. If your body is tired and you decide to relax for a bit, that doesn’t mean you aren’t producing. It only means you need to recharge so that when you get back in motion productivity will be at a maximum. That sense of guilt has to go Queen. The kingdom needs your rulership style and the only way you can reign effectively is if you rest when its necessary. Whether you rest for one hour, one day or a week, you still need that self-care and soul-care. So back to this revelation of rest. Like I stated, I felt out of place, and at one point I was even upset with God. “Rest? Ok, I did it for four days, can we move on now?” Those were my private thoughts. Not long after I got this revelation, I began to hear other men and women talking about this very same subject. I paid closer attention; then I realized what was really happening. It was my vacation season. Ding! If my nine to five employer allows me to rest a few weeks every year because the body needs it, then obviously the one who created my fragile body knows I need a break too. I eventually surrendered to it when my perspective changed. It was a gift and I needed to relax in it. Sometime, purpose comes with a pillow and a blanket. When God tells you to rest it’s because he knows you need it. Everyone else can wait. It’s ok to rest. I repeat, it’s ok to rest. What I learned was, the presence of rest doesn’t equal the absence of dreams. For it's when our bodies are at rest, we have the ability to dream. Enjoy your rest and kick guilt out the door.

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