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Emerge - Evolve - Transform

People will try to decide for you who you should or should not become, all because they’ve kept you in the bondage of their own minds. Some may not understand or embrace your new season because they’ve never seen that version of you. They show up when they think you’re down but it’s actually an exposure of how they’ve always viewed you. That version of you which reflected the limitations you once placed on yourself is no longer. You’ve Evolved!

You’ve pushed through your false beliefs and unlearned the lies which held you captive for so long. You’ve been introduced to new patterns, new mindset and a new environment which facilitates your growth. Your authenticity is the result of the work you’ve put in. You gave yourself space and stripped away those layers of your identity that have been formed by circumstances. You’ve allowed yourself to capture the eternal beauty deposited in the many facets of your soul and ah, you evolved!

An apology for your wings aren’t necessary and not everyone is invited into this room; your algorithm has shifted. Elevated expectations viewed as isolated disconnection but the treasures of your evolution will remain a mystery to those of yesterday. Everything about you starts with you and ends with you, no one else. Allow your wings to take you to places you once thought were impossible. This is a place of no restrictions, a space where you control the narrative. You’ve evolved!

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