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Unapologetically Me!

Misdiagnosed actions and words misunderstood,

reaching beyond discomfort to attain the prize I should.

No retreat, no surrender, upward only I climb.

Thinking patterns and circles challenged;

I'm shedding, breaking - redefined.

Boxes outgrown, discernment elevated,

internally reconstructed I now perfectly align.

People removed, mindsets replaced;

once aborted my mission, but made it by His grace.

Thoughts and emotions submitted to God,

nothing recycled only replaced.

To operate up here you will be tested,

the anointing is costly, God's power manifested.

Brace for impact and buckle up dear

the ride gets bumpy right around here.

An expiration date stamped on what's familiar;

meditating on my why, reverting is a killer.

Shifting position creates discomfort,

celebrate the change, been rediscovered.

I've been relocated, walking in the new,

focused on the prize, God's best I pursue.

This new wine skin looks different too

but I'll keep pressing on.

To my purpose stay true.

Responding to life differently or no response at all;

observed by many, the reason why I'm called.

I'm only here to influence change,

walking in my authority - never the fame.

Some will not understand the transformed me,

I'm walking in my purpose abiding and free.

Their foggy eye sight and mental limitations,

holding them back but I'm focused on my mission.

Destiny speaks, and I'm now making new decrees.

Welcome to my new normal,

where I'm unapologetically me!

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