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How I Got Off My But

Updated: Jan 11

Today we're kicking BUTS and setting our abilities free from our limiting beliefs!!! Like they say, we go big or we go home.

As a woman, wife, and business owner I've doubted myself more than I would like to remember. When I launched Mindset and Money I was literally shaking. A few days later after revisiting the blueprint, I thought, "I'm great at managing MY finances and working on MY credit score BUT what if its different for others? Truth is, the strategies I use for mine and yours are the exact same. My BUT was in my way. There were times I procrastinated because the idea of greatness overwhelmed me. I wanted it BUT, I thought of doing it BUT. It's time to kick BUTS! What are your future plans? What's stopping you, YOU?

Today I challenge you to get out of your way. Trust me I know it's hard, especially if you've tried but didn't achieve the expected results. So what? It was an experience that taught you what will not work the next time you try. Get off your BUTS and maximize your current abilities. I'm already loving your future self. You Got This!

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