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I am my Mother's Daughter

From teenage pregnancy which led to her quitting school while living in poverty to celebrating a marriage with my dad of 40 years. Life was extremely difficult as they went on to have three more girls and later, my brother. I remember how much my parents struggled to make ends meet during my younger days. She would put this and that together so we could have had a meal before bed. Whatever needed to be recycled was recycled. Let's just say the struggle was real. Her strength, patience, reliance on God's guidance and love for her family outshined the darkness of lack. While my dad worked she took care of the home and made sure my siblings and I were in school.

I recently asked her, "Mom, what do you need?" No answer. Then I asked, "Mom, do you lack anything?" I waited for an answer but she couldn't give one. I then said to her, "Anyone who lacked anything will quickly give an answer."

She laughed and said, "I wear what I want, I eat whatever or whenever I want and I go wherever I want to." I said, "Mom, you are living in the goodness of God." She went on to remind me that it wasn't always like that but currently, she is flourishing in EVERY aspect of her life. This queen of mine went on to achieving her CNA and Medical Technician certifications.

I'm here to remind you that where you started doesn't have to be where you finish. There is more to you than what you are currently struggling with. The relationship, the financial lack, the doubt of whether God is hearing you or not; it's not your finish line. Your story hasn't reached its end.

Like my mom, God wants you to live and experience his goodness. He wants you to live in abundance and walk in freedom financially, relationally and spiritually.

Daughter, you are royalty. Let's fix your crown.

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