• shirinemfreeman

I'm Clapping Back

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

My freedom to express encountered a drought, causing the fruits I was meant to bear to never bud. Naive to the power given to me, it's really true salvation is free. An invisible mask covered my mouth. False beliefs held me captive, stole my shout. Culture taught me to never talk back. Innocent or hurting? "stay in your lane." Climbed into adulthood and remained "humble." The cost was evident, many times I crumbled. No freedom to feel, no freedom to process; should I respond, or is it still useless? Conformed to the silence, believed the lies. Submitted to the norm for the sake of "peace". A broken wing unable to fly. Medication prescribed, God please heal me or let me die. My cry was instant God's help was near. He said he'll never leave me, even in despair. No more covers face the fear, feel the emotions and process the pain. His love is passionate, broke through my walls. Yes, to Jesus I surrendered all. Healing was a process, clarity came. Now I'm so loud, no one can tame. No more in poverty, my mind is free...I'll speak with boldness, His authority in me.

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