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Money and the law of Attraction...

Like attracts like - one of the laws of attraction. They say money attracts money so what have you been attracting lately? Can you remember the pull you felt with the last pair of shoes you bought?

You saw those bad boys and knew they were yours. They were the right color, fit, size, and price. You imagined yourself wearing them to work, how they looked with your favorite outfit. They added value, and you’ve never felt more confident in your steps…

Ok, we’ve diverted a bit, but you get what I’m saying right? Before you’re able to treat money well a clear understanding of its value is necessary. Not the dollar value - money attracts money when you manage it well. Does it “fit” your needs well? Are you confident in the steps you’ve taken? What plans do you have for it to increase its value and serve you well? Become a Master of It; implement tools so it can be multiplied, and it will keep coming back to you.

Some views you have may need to be unlearned. Your external changes will be a direct result of your internal changes. Begin to ACTIVELY look for tools to help you grow your money. No more attracting worry, guilt and frustration, you’re changing the game!

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