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Pillows and Blankets

Don't allow yourself to be seduced by the future to the point where you're not focused on the present. Give your all to the here and now. Be present. Focus and surrender to it. Destination addiction kills attention to the lessons you need to learn where you are. I pray for peace in your mind. Don't rush through it or you'll miss the reason. I literally heard God saying to me, "take a break." I am a multitasking, I need to get it done, the clock is ticking, on time with projects kinda girl. I do not stop until it's done because I'm so zoomed in to getting it done. Well, I'm so glad my coach Holy Spirit spoke. When God says to take a break, you know you must be tired. What I love is the fact that the one I work for, God, cares about my mental and physical health. To the point where he would say, take a break. I'm only allowed one, yes, one project per night and not even the whole thing y'all. I wanted to edit some of my coaching tools while I attended a meeting. So I'm using my phone for prayer meeting and picked up the computer to edit the coaching guide. Listen, it's like God slapped me on my hand. I literally felt as if my brain was going to pop as soon as I picked up the computer. No lies! So, I gently placed it back in it's place and paid attention to the speaker. When the meeting was over, your girl laid right there and went to sleep. You may believe everything is about God and making him happy. Well, it's not. It's also about us. Everything he does or says benefits us. Here I am being told by God to literally rest. Listen, truth be told, I needed it. I've been on the grind building a coaching business, creating content for social media, coaching my clients, showing up for my full time job in banking, writing a book, completing my degree in Psychology, being a full time wife, spending time with family and friends, working in youth ministry, attending my mentorship class twice per week and just finished a business class. Yeah, pass me my pillow and a blanket because all of me is feeling tired over here. I know you are every woman and I love you for it. You are strong and courageous. You are a light and you bring life into the world. You are a precious woman. At the same time, slow down. I want you to be able to show up first for you. Take some rest because all you have is now, your pillow and a blanket. The future will come but as you plan for it don't miss the lesson for today. That lesson is, your mental and physical health are important and you do not have to do it all today. Literally, writing this blog was the only thing I did tonight. Oh wait, well I had a ministry meeting but shhhhh, I'm still getting used to sitting around and relaxing. Enough is enough, let the relaxation flow.

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