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Ready, Set, Fly!

Never stop uncovering the beauty of who you were created to be. That journey includes discovering hard truths and uelearning some beliefs about people, God, your past, present and future. It's time to take back the power you've given to those who viewed you based on what they know or think they know about you.

You may not realize it but every time you show up based on people's perspective of re-empower their views. This happens both in the negative and positive aspects. No longer can you embrace mediocre and watch success from afar. This is your time to transform so you can change the trajectory of the next generation. You deserve to shine as brightly as possible. No longer will you hang on negative self talk, people's opinion, a stagnant circle of friends or procrastination. We're not doing more of that in 2021.

The hike to authenticity is the process of stripping away layers of your identity that has been formed by everything but God. It is the process of tearing down expectations and false beliefs which had you bound to an image you've created.

Today I'm challenging you to take responsibility for your feelings/emotions, thoughts, actions, finances, relationships, spiritual development, personal goals such as academic success. Repeat after me, "no one owes me anything." Good job!! Only you can make it happen for you. You got this and I'm so proud of you. You haven't given up and I know you won't because you're stronger than the voices of your're stronger than the voices of fear. You are evolving, go on...walk in your authenticity with grace, unapologetically!

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