Repositioned to Fly!

The isolation of 2020 was your cocoon of transformation that redefined your identity and now you're no longer a caterpillar but a butterfly. It was probably the toughest year of your life BUT you proved to be stronger than what was against you.

You discovered abilities, uncovered capacities and adapted to new realities.

You navigated your way through job loss, losing loved ones and social Isolation. The changes of your outer world forced a change of your inner being without your permission. You thought it would break you but it showed you what you're made of.

2020 was your cocoon, your teacher and your gym! You built new muscles in places you didn’t know existed. You have what it takes, keep growing. Your self view has a new definition; faith and strength has been reformed. The uncomfortable new made you feel out of control as you lose your grasp on whats always been. You didn't know you were growing wings because Worry, fear and anxiety made you questioned everything you thought you knew.

You've grown in wisdom and strength. You're encountering a better you. You've evolved from crawling to flying. You've gained wings, welcome to 2021. You were being repositioned...the cocoon was uncomfortable but necessary.

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