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Secrets From my Past

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

I justified my reckless spending with affirmations of “you need this” and “this will make you happy”. With every swipe of the card I felt a rush. Slowly, though, I was falling into a debt that would propel me into a deeper hole of entrapment. I was a prisoner. A prisoner of my own mindset and habits. It was not until I had an honest conversation with myself that I realized many of my behaviors were products of my environment. Some internal while others external. I grew up in an area where lack of knowledge and resources influenced many financial decisions and mistakes. My poverty mindset was now boldly showing itself, no longer hiding in the shadows of denial. It was time for a change! Sometimes the only way forward, is to understand the past. Learning forgiveness and taking other priceless steps enabled me to regain control; control of my life and finances. I conquered my destructive spending habits after I decided to open the doors to my own emotional confinement.

Throughout my journey of confronting my own personal prisons, I felt frustrated and even struggled with my truth. With hard work, It got better but the process demanded my patience and brutal honesty. The sweetest of joy and freedom felt, was exactly what my soul needed. No longer did I soothe my pain with a temporary fix, but made a permanent decision to face my real issues. Saying goodbye to yesterday and embracing my present gave me so much hope for the future.

What triggers your overspending? What pain are you covering with new shoes and vacations? Whatever your secrets are, I pray you medicate the source and not the symptoms.

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