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Success Has Bloody Knuckles

I failed bitterly. The first time, I gave myself a pass, but the second was earth shattering. I felt defeated and broke down in tears. You know that type of cry where you control the volume so no one can hear you? That one! I didn’t realize the fight for success would knock me down so many times.

I remember texting hubby after the first sitting of my exam telling him I failed. That same night he looked at me and asked, “is it possible for you to do it again?” I replied, “yes, but I wanted to be successful the first time.” Well, I decided to give it another try but failed, AGAIN! I was frustrated, ready to give up and walk away. I was tired of failing. I certainly wasn’t open to reading a training guide of 300 pages for the third time.

I didn’t tell hubby I failed the second sitting. I needed to be alone and rethink my life. I was heavily distressed, forcing my brain to self-search. After a while I decided to take the exam for the third and final sitting. Though scary, I chose me and studied much harder. I took the exam at 3am that morning and became a Board-Certified Credit Consultant by 4am. I DID IT! YAY MEEEE!!! The journey wasn’t the way I planned and even got knocked down a few times. When we embrace the fact that we won’t always get it right the first time and maybe like me, the second; we open ourselves to success.

I kept knocking even when failing hurt my knuckles but I learn how to fail well. Your disappointments don’t define you and you’re not a failure. Success is knocking with bloody knuckles, open that door every time and choose you. We live in a world where everyone is flashing their successes on social media but not much of their down days. If we’re not careful we can allow the world’s definition of success to fade us out of knocking on our own doors. Failing well becomes the deciding factor for a better approach. So, the next time you fail, I want you to fail well.

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