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You Are Royalty Pt. One

Over 20 years ago God revealed this very moment of my life to me.

The story of Esther in the Bible has become very personal to me. She was chosen for something greater than herself and believed beyond natural sight. She needed to go through a beautification treatment for one year before she could have approached the king. Esther lost both parents as a child and was taken into the kingdom to serve as queen to the 5th Century Persian king Xerxes I. She became the pillar of strength who stood in courage to petition for the lives of her people after a decree was made for them to be destroyed.

Like Esther, I was placed in my position to display God’s glory as I bring deliverance and healing to others. I found myself standing in the gap for those who needed to be held up in areas of relationship, finances and spiritual development. Getting to this point, I too needed to be beautified. It took many brave moments to share my own bruises of divorce, abuse, neglect, abandonment, financial lack, fear and lack of identity. My detox/purification treatment didn’t entail myrrh and honey like Queen Esther, neither did I receive daily massages like she did. My detox was mainly in my mindset: the way I viewed God, the world and myself. After I changed, everything changed and now I’ve taken my position in purpose to help guide others in the path of life and prosperity. It may sound simple but it takes denial of one’s self to walk such path so others can be liberated.

Before every queen takes her royal position, she has to be trained/detoxed. The training comes in various shapes and sizes. Maybe it's your temper that you need to work on so you can have self-control. Or could it be the way you view other women who are more successful than you are? What about the words you speak when no one is looking? Wait, maybe it's pride for you. For me, it was guilt, shame, fear, hurt, self-condemnation, rejection, and self-righteousness. Listen, my detox was intense! All that gunk in my mind and heart needed to leave. Sometimes I rebelled but it only delayed my process. I'm not who I used to be yesterday, I'm a better version of her. I'm here to encourage you to not ignore those internal maturation progresses God wants to guide you through.

Sis listen, don't rush your purification process but submit to it.

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